About the Contributors

Margreet Adriani is a Nutrition Educator at the Health Education Council in Sacramento, California.

Margreet’s cooking skills and long-time interest in health and nutrition led her to study for her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at California State University. Margreet’s experience includes educating high school students and adults on how to make healthier food choices. Learn more about Margreet’s nutrition services via her website at Lighten your Plate.

Margreet grew up in the Netherlands and now lives in California with her husband and three girls. When cooking, she likes to try new recipes and focuses on integrating fresh fruits and vegetables. While introducing a new dish to her family she often combines it with something familiar and asks her kids to try at least a few bites. Still, their favorite food will probably always be pasta.

Teresa O’Neil is an Environmental Visual Resources expert and passionate contributor to Classroom Re-use Arts

Teresa has been with the US Green Schools Foundation since its inception, bringing an artful eye to environmental issues. After studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois, Teresa gained 15 years of experience in environmental planning as an expert in visual resources. As a parent she has been fascinated with the creative possibilities for children in reusing materials, has attended arts education training at the Phoenix Art Museum, and has brought her ideas and energy into classrooms in Arizona.

Sarita Douglas is the Founder of the US Green Schools Foundation

Formerly an economist and attorney in Australia, Sarita has worked in environmental communications for the past 10 years in Arizona. Through involvement in the schools of her three children, Sarita has developed a passion for igniting children’s interest in conservation and sustainability in every way that it connects to their lives.

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